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Writer or reader, I’m glad you stopped by. Allow me to share the story behind the TrailBlaze theme. I believe that everyone has their own journey to take, their own unique story to tell—whether it’s crafted from true experiences or an original imagination. For some, the path may lead to publication. For others, the purpose of writing may simply be for personal fulfillment or for particular people in their life. Whatever your path, no one can blaze your trail but you, so enjoy exploring!

I have a confession: blazing new trails does not come naturally to me. Quite the opposite, actually. I’m the kind of person who wants to map the entire route before I ever mount up. I’d rather stay on the safe, well-worn path than take the risk of getting lost. But the reality of life, and the writer's way, is that we can’t always see around the next corner. Even if we know where we’re headed, the journey there may not take the trail we were expecting. Detours may lead to different destinations. That’s the beauty of the creative process. The name TrailBlaze reminds me to pursue creativity instead of comparison, to let go of my fear of making mistakes, and to seek new things in faith.

If you’ve read my work, thanks for sharing the journey with me. If you are interested in partnering with me for help with your own writing, check out the services page and let’s take this journey together!

Happy Trails,

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Improve your writing craft and publishing knowledge with these helpful resources.

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Get inspired with this collection of gifts for writers from the TrailBlaze Design Co. Store.

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Looking for a trail guide? Learn more about how I can help you self-publish your book.

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